Thursday, November 13, 2014

After a few weeks recovering from injury, I rushed back to running just in time to prevent a full recovery.  So after that I got a little smarter and focused on resting up and heading into next year completely healthy.  Now I have mostly just been trying to do some slow stuff and ease back into running.

A couple weeks ago, I headed up Mary's Peak with my mom and a few other guys.  The top of Mary's was lost in the clouds but outside of that it was a  fairly clear day.  I felt good running but I could still feel the calves quite a bit.  I figure a week with minimal running and some work on the calves should straighten things out.
Mom on the Tie Trail Heading up Mary's Peak

The view from just below the summit
 I headed up Dimple with mom and Jacob and we ended up finishing down the road in the dark.  Heading down the road was a nice finish to the day as we descended into increasing darkness with just enough light to guide us back.  Here are some late afternoon views looking out over the valley.
Heading up Dimple Hill

The Horizon just below the top of Dimple
 Today was about 35 when I got up and when mom and I headed up Dimple in the morning.  It was pretty clear that there was some freezing rain up high.  I actually felt pretty good today.  I could hardly feel anything bad in the calves so that's nice.  Hopefully I can ease back and in a couple weeks start to do some real running again.
 A Frozen Morning on Dimple

Me on Dimple

Mom on Dimple

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