Sunday, September 18, 2016

Bryce and Zion National Parks

Labor day fell on the first weekend of school, so with no regards to homework, Jacob and I took off to Utah to check out some beautiful country.  We headed up through Page, across a section of the the Grand Escalante, through Bryce, and Zion before returning to Flagstaff.  We left Friday afternoon and came back around 4 on Monday which lead to some awesome adventures and a pileup of homework.  Here's some of our pictures of the trip.

Driving through the Grand Escalante on our way to Bryce

Looking out from where we spent the first night

Yellow Rock

Running along the Under-the-Rim Trail in Bryce

Nearing the far end of the trail

Enjoying the hoodoos during a walk in Bryce

Hiking around in the hoodoos

A bit warmer below the rim at Bryce

An early morning view in Zion

Looking out over Zion

Climbing up toward West Rim Springs

Looking down the main canyon

The view from Angel's Landing

Jacob on top of Angel's Landing

Looking back, as we climbed back up to the east rim

An evening view on the main canyon from the east rim

Hiking around Checkerboard Mesa the next morning

One last view over Zion before the return trip to Flagstaff
Jacob and I spent a day in Bryce, a full day in Zion, and the next morning in Zion as well.  We covered a lot of beautiful terrain, but each park is so beautiful and endless that it was disappointing not to spend more time at either of them.  Also, that was a lot of driving for 4 days!  In the future, we will probably spend all our time at one park, or plan on taking a much longer trip and truly enjoy all the beauty the land had to offer.

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  1. Nice photos! Looks like you guys squeezed some good miles in a short trip. Awesome!