Thursday, December 15, 2016

Dead Horse Ultra and Arches National Park

At the end of November Jacob ran Dead Horse 50 miler in Moab.  We drove up Friday, Jacob raced Saturday, then we headed to Arches Sunday before a long drive back to Flagstaff.  Now that I'm sitting at the airport waiting for my delayed flight, I figured I'd share some pictures.

Just before the 6am start

Sunrise at the first aid station

Jacob rolling into mile 15

Jacob coming into mile 18
Coming into the finish

Finishing up in 8:55

 The race was a fun experience for me as I got to crew for my brother.  There were 6 aid station I could get to and since I was alone, it was all on me to get there.  This gave me an appreciation of my family and all the other families out there trying to catch up with their runner throughout the day.  Fortunately I managed to get a run in and enjoy some beautiful view of the La Sal Mountains sitting above the surrounding country.
Arches National Park

Landscape Arch

Tunnel Arch

Pine Tree Arch

Skyline Arch

Just below Skyline Arch

Part of the historic Wolfe Ranch

Balanced Rock

Same rock, new angle
Arches was pretty cool too.  I got to run in the morning, then Jacob and I headed north for a few miles before turning into Arches National Park.  We went to a few different arches, but weren't able to spend too much time as we still had to get to Flagstaff for school on Monday.  While it was a great weekend for exploring some new country, I didn't do any homework!  Oops.  Now that the semester's over that seems okay, but I was regretting last week.

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