Sunday, May 20, 2018

Spring Flowers

Here's some picture of flowers from this spring.  I didn't get as many as last year, although the flower this year were very good.  I'm hoping to get a few more pictures on my blog when the tiger lilies and foxglove come out.

I'm not actually sure what these little flowers are.  They are typically the first real flower to come out in the spring though.

The first two fairy slipper-March 19

Glacier Lilies

The first two iris

Some trillium

Tons of glacier lilies by Calloway Creek

Trillium and fairy slipper

More iris coming out

Lot of iris are out right now.  I find a lot of big clusters like this one.


A lone dogwood in the mist

The invasive Scotch Broom -  however, the yellow blooms are sure pretty

Pine drops - these started coming out over the last two weeks

The first ghost pipe - sorry its sideways I can't figure out how to rotate it

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