Monday, June 18, 2018

June 11 - June 17

This was finals week, so I spend much of the early days of the week studying.  When I can't run, it turns out I have a lot more time to study.  Finals this quarter were far less stressful than in the past and I would say having an excess of time to study certainly helped with that.

I did a little walking early in the week and some mountain biking too although that came to an abrupt halt Thursday when I tried to fix the brakes.  One of the brake pads was rubbing a little bit, so I decided I needed to fix that before going for another ride.  While this should have been about a 5 minute job, I started by tearing everything apart instead of seeing how to do it properly on Youtube.  I created a lot of extra work, but I did learn how to bleed the brakes, and went ahead and changed the brake pads as they were getting a bit worn out.

Friday I went for a run and felt fine for the first 10 minutes, but after that my calf started to hurt quite a bit.  I probably should have stopped at 10 minutes just as the slightest pain started.  But I ran for about 25 and my calf hurt a bit by the end.  I think I just need to give it a bit more time and perhaps start out with only a 10 or 15 minute run to begin with.

On Saturday we went to Cape Perpetua where the weather was actually pretty nice.  It not too uncommon for the coast to be 55 and cloudy in the middle of summer so we were grateful for the beautiful day.  We got to check out the tide pools, then went for a walk on some of the trails above Cape Perpetua.  Those are some terrific trails which made me excited to get back out there and run!  It'll be sooner than later.

Hopefully the next week will bring a few more miles on the trail.  I plan to keep biking a bit once I get the bike all sorted out (yeah, I really goofed) and hopefully get in some running took.  As soon as I feel healthy and am running 1 hour a day, I'm going to sign up for a 50K about a month out.  I won't train for it or taper or anything special.  I'm going to show up and run.  It might not be my best race, but I'm ready to be back.  I miss the community, I miss the joy of exploring new places, and I miss the challenge of pushing myself.  I'm ready to be back.

Uphill - just hard work like running
Downhill - white knuckles all the way

Tiger Lilies

A crab - there way to quick to catch, as soon as you get close there in the water


Lots of urchins

This was a neat water spout.  When the waves came in right, it would shoot up pretty high.

Wild Strawberries

Ghost pipes

Those are red huckleberry bushes growing on that massive doug fir.  The Oregon coast is pretty cool

Foxglove, perhaps my favorite flower

I could get the bee to sit still, but that what the brownish blob is
The same wild rose without the bee
Tiger Lilies in the Mac

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