Sunday, December 2, 2018

The Grand Canyon

Late November is a great time to be in the Grand Canyon.  Its still a couple weeks before snowstorms start rolling across Northern Arizona, and the weather in the canyon has cooled off to pleasant temperatures.  Maybe that why we've been going to the Canyon the last seven Thanksgivings (and one trip to Zion before that).  Now I think of the immense red walls, narrow side canyon, and clear blue skies when Thanksgiving rolls around.  Turkey and stuffing hardly cross my mind anymore.  Anyhow, it was another beautiful trip through the Grand Canyon.  Like the previous two years we hiked the Thunder River-Deer Creek loop on the North Rim.  We had a couple cold nights, but pleasantly warm days.  Last year it was a bit of a cooker at times, but this year the day time temperatures were just right.  Here's some pictures from the trip:

Traces of the rain and snow in Jacob Lake still in the sky

This is always one of the coolest views in the Canyon

Nothing like an Arizona sunset

Cold, but clear

A few of the pocket on the sandstone were filled with water from the rain the day before

This section always makes me think of Moab

Those cottonwoods are where Thunder River comes out of the wall

And there it is - Thunder River

Thunder River - always impressive

Thunder River

The Colorado

With lower flow in the Colorado, there were more sand bars this year

Our favorite little descent...actually this spot is a little tricky

Now you can actually see the short descent I was talking about...the grit on top is a little loose which adds to the fun

An owl

Deer Creek

See that big rock on the sandstone bench...it wasn't there last year

The dry lake above Deer Creek

The was a side creek coming in here that we hadn't seen in the past.  We figured it was from the recent rain.  You'll have to take my word for it since the picture is lousy.

Deer Creek lined with cottonwoods

Cactus...they're as tough as it gets

Climbing up Surprise Valley