Tuesday, June 26, 2018

June 18 - June 24

This week my calf definitely started to feel a bit better and I was able to get in some hiking and a little bit of running.  I realized that my calf felt fine while walking so I decided to see how fast I could hike up and down McCulloch.  My plan was to hike as fast as I could without being in any pain.  It turned out, no matter how fast I walked my calf way okay.  When I reached the top of McCulloch, I began the walk down.  After a little while I figured I might as well try to do an easy shuffle.  Again, I planned to stop as soon as I had any pain.  Fortunately I managed to shuffle all of the downhill without any pain.  For me this was very encouraging since it was really the first sign that my calf was improving.

As the week went on I kept hiking up and running a little bit quicker on the downhill.  I was always very cautious and only increased my speed sightly each day, but I each day felt a little better.  With a little improvement each day, each "run" I did became a bit more fun and a bit more like running.  By the end of the week each run felt more like a run than a hike.

All in all, last week was very encouraging that I'll be back to 100% pretty soon.  I plan to continue with a cautious approach, but I also hope to get in some runs next week where I run the whole time.  Regardless, the best part of being mobile again is getting to spend time in the forest.  I realize that regardless of my pace, its a lot of fun to spend time in the forest.  Hopefully the next few weeks will bring a big increase in the time I spend hiking and running.

Here's some picture from the week:
Mary's Peak - I really can't wait to get up there!

Hiking up McCulloch Peak


More foxglove

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